System Design
User Experience Design
Space Planning
Experiential Graphic Design

Designed with Hamidreza Sohrabi

Community Curation

BACKGROUND: Art museums continue to grow their collections to the point where they run out of physical public display space. With this growth how do museums know what things people want to see on display at any given time? Community Curation is a customizable system and interface designed to help solve this problem and bring people together.

Community Curation is a participatory curation experience for art museum attendees that helps the museum staff learn what people want to see from their non-displayed collection. This is a system design that includes user experience design, space planning, and experiential graphic design in the context of an art museum.

GOALS: To create an affordable system that art museums can utilize to engage their attendees to learn what people want to see from the museums non-displayed collection.

OUTCOMES: This project was recognized as a most outstanding presentation in the 2015–16 Kent State University Graduate Student Research Symposium.