Elkhart County Soil and
Water Conservation District

Layout Design
Print Production Support

Elkhart County Waters Calendars

BACKGROUND: The Elkhart County Soil and Water Conservation District produces a two year calendar to spread awareness of important water conservation practices. The photos highlighted in the calendar are submitted by local agencies and individuals as a part of a contest. The SWCD had produced two calendars before the 2012–13 version that were done in house and they wanted something more professional going forward.

I donated my services to redesign the 2012–13 version which resulted in their most successful calendar at the time. They hired me to design the 2014–15 calendar and the 2016–17 calendar.

GOALS: The SWCD wanted a professional layout that allowed for more photos and consistency throughout the entire calendar compared to their past calendar designs.

OUTCOMES: The SWCD distributed all 10,000 copies of the calendar in less than five months. Demand for previous calendars never reached higher than 8,000 copies in the years before. The calendar in its new form has been so popular that other Indiana SWCDs have been inspired to produce their own similar calendars in their communities.