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Goshen College Art Department

Design Research
Visual Identity
Print Design

Goshen College Collection of Art (GCCoA)

BACKGROUND: The Goshen College Collection of Art or GCCoA, is a growing educational collection of art on the campus of Goshen College. There are over 230 pieces of art that are on view in various locations on the campus. There are four distinct highlights within the larger collection: Highlights of the Eric Yake Kanegy Visiting Artists, Highlights of Mennonite Artists, Highlights of Female Artists, and Highlights of Multicultural Artists.

GOALS: To raise awareness of and interactions with the GCCoA among students, faculty/staff, and community members.

OUTCOMES: The website and walking tours are heavily utilized by professors in the Art department to get their students looking at physical work for inspiration. Due to a lack of funds the posters were not printed as hoped.

Highlight Brochures & Walking Tours

Tri-fold brochures, 8.5˝ × 11˝

A brochure for each of the highlights and where the pieces could be found around the Goshen College campus.

Collection Awareness Posters

One full color 13” × 19” poster
Four full color 11” × 17” posters

Five posters were developed to help raise awareness of the GCCoA among students, faculty, and community members.

GCCoA Website

The website was developed to be the portal for users who were interested in the GCCoA. Users can view four different highlight areas of the collection and print out the corresponding walking tour maps.