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Design Research
Experiential Graphic Design
Space Planning
User Experience Design

In collaboration with Joshua Bird, Alex Catanese,
Zuzana Kubisova, Erica Lull, Cassandra Reese,
Omari Souza, and Alan Walker.

Surveys: A Design Exhibition Immersed In the Journey Between Earth and Mars

BACKGROUND: Surveys was a collaborative exhibition created by a group of Kent State University Visual Communication Design MFA students in Fall 2016. This exhibition was inspired by our research into NASA’s Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN) Network, Orion Program, and the EM–1 mission. Research methodologies included structured and unstructured interviews, literature reviews, competitor analysis, and critical making.

The design exhibition immersed visitors with the goal of challenging people’s thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of space travel. Divided into three specific installations, Surveys presented a variety of media including archival video, documentary audio, and found objects.

GOALS: To create a design exhibition that immerses visitors in an environment that will challenge their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of space travel.

OUTCOMES: This design exhibition was on display at Kent State University from
Nov. 30–Dec. 9, 2016.

Design Research
Immersive Experience Design

Collaboration with Alex Catanese and Alan Walker

Survey 03: Place Into Words

Many of us have experienced moments where we can’t help but stop. We slow down to take in our surroundings; the single sliver of orange hanging onto the end of a sunset, or the subtle shift in colors on a lush rolling countryside. It’s hard to describe or identify why these locations express beauty, but they move us all the same. Place Into Words challenges viewers to imagine Mars, a planet often characterized as desolate and barren, as beautiful terrain. One day future generations may know nothing other than Mars’s vast canyons or sheer volcanos. Could a distant planet offer their most beautiful place?